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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dating Tips: The Do's and Dont's of a Break-Up

I always try to stay friends with my exes. I figure that if I liked them enough to date them I probably like them enough to at least be friendly toward them.

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#ThereIsMoreToMe opens dialogue on race

"Race needs to be a conversation here at Emerson. It can't just be a little workshop here and there facilitated by someone." -Freshman Mona Moriya

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Students immerse themselves within world of cosplay

"Cosplay is having a passion for something so much that you want to immerse yourself into that world." -Freshman Faith D'Isa

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Students hop on late-night T service

On the first evening of Boston’s new late-night weekend service, Emerson students took advantage of their newfound ability to catch a cheap ride home while getting to stay out later.

Dutch Diaries: Ideal or real?

Seeing the Eiffel Tower every day doesn't diminish its magnificence.

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Artists create works out of recycleables to raise awareness

"I think that visually, Emerson students need something to look at." -Junior Lauren Feeny

Kiss and tell: Students create version of viral video

"Some people really just connected. A few of them had instant chemistry." -Freshman Corey Malone

Dating Tips: Under Pressure

Our frantic lives can make a relationship harder, but that doesn't mean love should disappear.

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Springing fashion back into the past

A few Emerson fashion aficionados have also attributed many of the popular upcoming spring styles to times past—throwbacks ranging from the later 1900s to our semi-recent childhoods.

Housing hunt: Exploring Boston's neighborhoods

With basic knowledge of Boston’s neighborhoods and surrounding towns, however, it’s easier to navigate through the process, and to find a fit that meshes with your top priorities, and most importantly, your budget.

Dutch Diaries: Matters of Money

I felt like Alice, having just stepped into a less threatening but just as bizarre of a Wonderland.

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Iconic women, with an Emerson update

Herstory Month, taking place from March 10 to April 5, is being hosted on campus by the sorority Sigma Pi Theta.

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For teens with cancer, Emerson group plans second chance at prom

"This prom is happening in June because a handful of students got together every week and made calls, organized, and planned." -Pamela Mora, president of A Prom to Remember: Emerson

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ECLA interns gain real-world experience on set, in studio

"I passed by a whole group of actors who had just finished a scene. But I had to keep my cool." -Jesse Sheehan, prop intern for Mad Men

Dating Tips

The key to being remembered for all the right reasons is to get out of the four block radius around Emerson and make the night a worthy memory.