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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dix Picks: Impermanent piercings and temporary tats

I personally jumped the gun in getting both tattooed and pierced, as many quintessential young rebels do.

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"Little Donna": The mastermind behind DH delicacies

"When I was little, I watched my grandmother cook, so I was naturally drawn to this." -Little Donna

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134 Boylston St. begets yet another burger joint

"I'll probably end up trying the new burger place as a break from school food." -Samantha Kennedy, sophomore performing arts major

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Emerson’s drag-tastic take on Queer History Month

"I like Dragtoberfest because even though it is a competition, it's sort of a chance for people who are curious to try it out, who want to show their talents." — Duncan Gelder, junior performing arts major

Balancing wellness and wanderlust

“Maintaining my health requires stability and control, but while traveling, there’s an inherent desire to be impulsive and free.”

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The Blake Byrd Band performs at Texas Indie fest, preps new album

Junior Blake Byrd is at the point in his musical career when, even casually, his friends refer to him as Blake Byrd Band.

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To Ugg or not to Ugg? The ins and outs of fall fashion

“When you’re trying to figure out your personal style, just be you. That’s the most important thing.” -Sophomore Zoe Cronin

The real deal: Finding someone to rely on

Do adults have Harry Styles posters hanging in their living rooms?

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After 51 years of teaching, Hollingworth feels ‘wiser than ever’

"I'm terribly paternalistic and I love my students and live through them vicariously." -J.E. "Ted" Hollingworth, communcations professor

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Art of impermanence: Student makes evanescent Expo works

"I think the fact that it can't and won't last makes it special." -Ben Patterson, sophomore writing, literature, and publishing

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Student barista learns the fine art of all things caffeinated

"When you're in the zone and tapped into that energy it's really cool, you feel like you can handle anything. I like it because its a go, go, go environment." -Junior Henry Krause