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Friday, November 24, 2017

Dix Picks: Nubian Skin redefines “nude”

In second grade, and still ten years later, I truly believed that something was abnormal about my skin because it wasn’t represented under the color spectrum of “skin tone” or “nude.”

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Virtual esports foster real-life community at Emerson

The esports club was created this summer so gamers could collaborate and compete with one another, and currently focuses on two games, Super Smash Bros. and League of Legends.

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Good Vibes week spreads positivity on campus and beyond

Good Vibes was a weeklong program led by resident assistants Claire Hilton and Rhys Scheibe and designed to uplift the campus spirit by having students send and receive positive notes.

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A tale of two pharmacies: CVS versus Walgreens

This rivalry has students asking: Is this town—or at least intersection—big enough for both of these pharmacies?

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Party like it's the 1920s: Vaudeville club to open soon

"It doesn't seem like the typical Boston nightclub." -Junior Isabella Pierangelo

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Non-VMAs in LA: Emerson plans for more course diversity

The LA program is now looking to offer more classes outside the visual and media arts departments.

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The trend that’s sweeping the streets and taming men’s messy manes

If you want a man bun, you have to earn it. And no, we’re not talking man buns, plural.

Labyrinth of utter terror: the minotaur comes to campus

The night before Halloween, the Cabaret will become an ancient Greek maze, with a horrifying twist. The annual Campus Center-sponsored haunted house mimics the Labyrinth this year, a mythical trap containing the half-man, half-bull minotaur.

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New FreeThinkers Society hosts discussions of the "big questions"

"It's a chance to engage in different philosophies and learn from different cultures and beliefs." — Andrew Manuzca, sophomore political communication major

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Emerson at Bird Street: students become the teachers

"I hope that they really just enjoy coding and graphic design." -Senior Isabella Gordillo

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Students find new way to pay tuition, one donation at a time

"Asking for money in any situation is a little embarrassing. There's some latent guilt when you realize that this is what it's come down to." -Junior Morgan Turner

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411 from FOX 25: Alumni return for College Tour series

The college was the latest stop for the four-hour show’s “Morning News’ College Tour” series, which profiles Boston-area institutions every fall. Emerson was an obvious choice, said a Fox 25 spokesperson, because of its urban location and ties to the network.

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New job site offers employment opportunities to students

Launched on Sept. 12, GigLions is a free job search site only open to current Emerson students or alumni, originally conceived as an offshoot of the popular Emerson Mafia Facebook group.