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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Celebrating Carnival at the Castle

It's considered a time to take part in all the things not allowed during Lent: alcohol, sex, and mischief.

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Spring break trips offer students alternative perspectives

Alternative spring break programs allow students to do a community service projects, often in collaboration with nonprofit organizations, instead of going home or on a vacation. Several campus groups organize trips for Emerson students.

Trend—or modern definition of beauty?

At New York Fashion Week, what struck me most wasn’t chunky sweaters, over-the-knee boots, or androgynous inspirations. Instead, I was fascinated by the industry’s merging of models and role models.

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Alum newlyweds reveal difficulties of marriage's first year in reality show

Samantha Abby and Laura Leigh Abby, who graduated from Emerson in 2007, said they decided to join the show to demonstrate that gay and lesbian marriages are no different than other relationships.

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Alumna shares struggle with anorexia at Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Her talk was part of the second annual Eating Disorder Awareness Week, hosted by Emerson’s chapter of Active Minds, which aimed to educate the college community and encourage those suffering to seek help.

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Freshman fashion blogger campaigns for sleeveless tops and equal rights

Freshman Elizabeth Skerry started a campaign in high school to amend what she saw as an unfair dress code and restore, for her and other young women, the right to to bare their arms.

Internships give students insight into possible careers

Internships like Clayton’s can offer students hands-on fieldwork and a chance to bulk up one’s resume. It’s a topic particularly noteworthy on campus in anticipation of the biannual internship fair, hosted this semester on Feb. 25.

Appreciating old and new in Well

Here at the Castle, man and beast live with an unspoken truce.

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Students sink teeth into satirical website, Lion’s Tooth

Lion’s Tooth, modeled after the popular news parody site The Onion, aims to include a mix of timely and evergreen stories, according to its three student co-creators, and has published over 40 articles since its launch.

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New art club gives students a judgment-free space to create

Walking into a room full of college students coloring with the same supplies used by kindergarteners may be an unusual sight, but for Emerson freshmen Rachel Butler and Lucy Gatanis, it’s a success.

Love in the time of acne

If I had a successful interaction with a boy every time I got a zit on my chin, I would have so many fun conversations that I wouldn’t be able to remember them all.

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Creating a major is possible, for those in the know

According to current students in the program, the process of applying for the interdisciplinary major can be stressful and time-consuming, and it’s not well publicized.

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Emerson students former stars of Nickelodeon and Disney shows

These child stars agreed the intense but rewarding experience ultimately influenced their decisions to come to Emerson and pursue careers in the entertainment industry.

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New Kasteel Well website debuts for incoming castle dwellers

With over 1,000 visits in the first week after it was launched, seeks to provide a candid guide to life and travel at Emerson’s castle program—a perspective that past participants said has been lacking.

Finding a voice in feminist discourse

It can feel intimidating to jump into discussion about gender, even at a liberal college that, by and large, invites such conversation. At Emerson, where many people seem so well versed on social justice issues, it can be hard to find your footing when you’re trying to learn more about feminism.