Web show answers love's toughest questions

by Jenni Leahy / Beacon Correspondent • February 7, 2013

Tedesco caprice
Freshman Capri DeBiccari is a co-creator of Emerson After Hours.
Freshman Capri DeBiccari is a co-creator of Emerson After Hours.

In a school overrun with student organizations, publications, TV shows, and blogs, two freshmen writing, literature, and publishing majors have decided Emerson students are still in need of one more: a show that will give students advice on their love and social lives.

After having several classes together, Capri DeBiccari and Ash Czarnota bonded over a shared history of bad relationships and decided they would make the perfect hosts for a show designed to solve the problems in their viewers’ hearts.

“People are always looking for advice, and people are their own worst critics,” said Czarnota co-creator of the show. “A lot of people think hearing other peoples’ words will help them out. We just want to try and help them; we’re here to motivate them to have a happy, healthy, spiritual, physical, and emotional experience at college.”

The two are now in the process of creating a new web series called Emerson After Hours. They plan on uploading their first video onto their emersonafterhours Tumblr page and their YouTube channel, which still has to be created, before spring break.

According to the pair, the show has received positive feedback from their multiple Facebook posts on the Emerson College Class of 2016 group and Tumblr page, where those looking for advice can also post their questions to be answered on the show.

However, a few hurdles remain in their way before the series can be released, said DeBiccari. According to Czarnota, they are planning on dedicating most of the 5-7 minute show to a sit down Q-and-A. 

They have yet to receive an adequate number of serious questions. With the show relying on the submissions of their viewers, they must wait until they have received enough questions from their lovelorn audience before shooting can begin.

“We’ve gotten two serious ones, and a couple that probably aren’t supposed to be serious, but we are going to answer them anyway,” said DeBiccari.

The show will be pre-recorded and feature questions submitted online. The two also plan on having a segment in which they will go out to film on the street to do a parody on the sex, love, and life issues that college students face, according to Czarnota.

The idea to shoot on the street has caused more problems to arise, as neither one has any experience in the visual and media arts. The two are currently looking for an editor to help them put the final product together, but want to be involved in every step of the process. They plan on learning how to use Final Cut and establishing what they want. Czarnota said getting the first episode out would be the hardest and the most time consuming, but after that, the duo will be ready to get the show rolling. They plan on releasing a new video every two weeks.

“We’re both dedicated people, and I think that’s what’s going to make it work, because we are both taking this seriously and neither of us flakes on commitment,” said DeBiccari. “So we’re ready to take this seriously and watch it go far.”

Emerson After Hours is a web show planned with Emerson College students in mind. DeBiccari and Czarnota said they believe they are ready to tackle the problems of the large LGBTQ community at Emerson.

“We are open to all kind of questions — gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, waffle-sexual, whatever. We will have you,” Czarnota said. 

Czarnota said her number one dating tip involved not taking things too seriously.

“When it comes to love, this is college. It’s not the real world, so you shouldn’t feel the need to settle down right away. We’re here to have fun, we’re here to learn, and when it comes down to it, we’re at Emerson, so a lot of the guys are gay.”