Editorial Cartoons

Emerson welcomes newstudents to the “spring”semester. (illustration by Enne Goldstein)

DECEMBER 6, 2017The announcement of Griff, the anthropomorphized hipster lion, as Emerson′s person of the year threw everyone for a loop. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

NOVEMBER 29, 2017 The screening series on Little Building kicks off with an Emerson classic: Love. Bacardi. Boston. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

NOVEMBER 15, 2017 New Emerson students feel the need to self-identify when they return home for Thanksgiving. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

NOVEMBER 9, 2017 Emerson students can take art schools stereotypes to the next level at next week′s concert. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

NOVEMBER 2, 2017 Halloweekend was rough for the whole campus. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

OCTOBER 25, 2017Judging the costume contest at Emerson parties is going to be harder than ever this year. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

OCTOBER 18, 2017Midterms have students digging their own graves. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

OCTOBER 12, 2017 ″Spirit, tell us: how long is the line at Center Stage?″ Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

OCTOBER 4, 2017Emerson students live in fear of another ″reply all″ snafu. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

SEPTEMBER 27, 2017The Little Building has chosen its Halloween costume. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

SEPTEMBER 20, 2017Donald Glover wins the EVVY for best Emerson-themed tuxedo. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

SEPTEMBER 13, 2017Food Cam 2.0 makes its debut. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

SEPTEMBER 7, 2017Even returning students are getting lost on campus. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

APRIL 20, 2017Students assigned to Fenway dorm set up camp on 2 Boylston Pl. Laura King / Beacon Staff

APRIL 13, 2017Martin O′Malley leaves The Tam after being served .6 percent of a beer Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

APRIL 6, 2017Here′s how he can still win. Laura King / Beacon Staff

MARCH 29, 2017No need to print new ballots for SGA elections this year. Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

MARCH 16, 2017Administrator sweats over finding another Saturday for snow day makeups. Laura King / Beacon Staff

MARCH 1, 2017Running a correction Laura King / Beacon Staff

FEBRUARY 22, 2017Ugh... they just can′t stop giving this movie awards. Laura King / Beacon Staff

JANUARY 25, 2017Sodexo gives the people what they really want. Laura King / Beacon Staff

FEBRUARY 15, 2017The On-Campus Off-Campus Disconnect Lauren Goldstein / Beacon Staff

FEBRUARY 9, 2017Andy Tiedemann’s iPad wishes he could send one last reminder to Emerson students. Laura King / Beacon Staff

FEBRUARY 1, 2017In an effort to save the planet and the world, Emerson student recycles protest sign. Laura King / Beacon Staff

JANUARY 18, 2017″How is the Fountain of Youth easier to find than the Emerson Fitness Center?″ Laura King / Beacon Staff

NOVEMBER 16, 2016Laura King / Beacon Staff

NOVEMBER 9, 2016Even Boots, the psychic Scottish goat, did not see the outcome of this presidential election in the cards. Laura King / Beacon Staff

NOVEMBER 2, 2016Innovation thrives in ″The Lion′s Tooth″ writers′ room. Laura King / Beacon Staff

OCTOBER 26, 2016Students had no ulterior motives for attending Matt McGorry′s public conference. Laura King / Beacon Staff

OCTOBER 12, 2016Frightened freshman fear their cheesy creations to be the cause of a faux fire fiasco. Laura King / Beacon Staff

New housing realities give upperclassmen cold feet. Shelby Grebbin / Beacon Staff

Lee Pelton has big plans for the expansion of the college Shelby Grebbin / Beacon Staff

SEPTEMBER 14, 2016For many professors new offices are just a skip, a hop, and square step away from their old ones. Shelby Grebbin / Beacon Staff

SEPTEMBER 7, 2016Students write in Jim Hoppe on ballots after charming email. Shelby Grebbin / Beacon Staff

APRIL 20, 2016The commencement speaker Emerson was looking for. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

This year′s commencement speaker: the Little Building scaffolding. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

APRIL 6, 2016If only the journalism department invested in the original CreativityKit. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

MARCH 30, 2016Emerson′s first feminist fraternity. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

MARCH 23, 2016″Hold on, just gotta get the right shot!″ Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

MARCH 16, 2016Emerson slactivists discover Trump. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

MARCH 2, 2016Andy Tiedemann becomes the first man with an iPad to win an Oscar! Beacon Staff

FEBRUARY 24, 2016Damn Andy, back at it again with the new website! Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

FEBRUARY 17, 2016We’re sure pledging will be a much more sobering experience now. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

FEBRUARY 10, 2016President Lee Pelton, let’s get in formation. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

FEBRUARY 3, 2016″But I had a reservation!″ Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

JANUARY 27, 2016Despite recent the Emerson basketball teams’ wins, students still don’t seem to have much Lion pride. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

JANUARY 20, 2016President M. Lee Pelton isn′t afraid of a social media drag. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

JANUARY 13, 2016The hoverboard ban brings back Heelys to Emerson. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

DECEMBER 2, 2015President Lee Pelton’s holiday message was just a little ambitious this year. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

NOVEMBER 18, 2015Activism doesn’t need benchwarmers. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

NOVEMBER 11, 2015Who needs Starbucks and their plan red cups when Einstein Bros. Bagels can take you to Jollyville? Anna Buckley / Beacon Staff

NOVEMBER 4, 2015Surprise! The new dorm groundbreaking uncovered Justin Bieber’s first original marketing campaign. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

OCTOBER 28, 2015President Lee Pelton and Senior Associate Athletic Director Stanford Nance are feelin’ themselves this Halloween. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

OCTOBER 21, 2015You know what they say: If you aren’t running for president, might as well become Vice President and Dean of Campus Life. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

OCTOBER 14, 2015Random room inspections can lead to some awkward situations—better play it safe and put that old flame out. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

OCTOBER 7, 2015Students want Columbus knocked off his pedestal, so they’re fielding candidates to take his spot—PSL Day anyone? Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015When you hear that hotline bling, hopefully it means one thing—class cancellations. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015Now that dorm access has been revoked for newly-off campus students, even college founder Charles Wesley Emerson can’t tap that. Beacon Staff

SEPTEMBER 16, 2015Andy Tiedemann’s iPad takes advantage of the latest Snapchat update. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

SEPTEMBER 9, 2015President Pelton can’t wait to reveal the theatre’s new use. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

SEPTEMBER 2, 2015In case 2016 elections are a letdown, here’s something to look forward to. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

MARCH 18, 2015Coming soon: the most fire mixtape of 2015, featuring Emerson’s top administrators. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

DECEMBER 3, 2014President M. Lee Pelton′s winter break plans. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

NOVEMBER 12, 2014 Relationships in just as much flux as the weather. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

OCTOBER 29, 2014Emerson students have a hard time using the new science lab to fit their needs. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

OCTOBER 8, 2014A familiar face helps the Athletic Dept. create a logo. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

OCTOBER 1, 2014Next up for Emerson’s RAs: Segways. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014Familiar sights return to campus as Greek organizations prepare their newest members. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014#soEmerson Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014EC Spotted: President M. Lee Pelton’s trend-setting ALS-Ice Bucket Challenge look Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

SEPTEMBER 3, 2014An Einstein Bros. Bagels cafe opens on campus with a noticeable price increase Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

APRIL 16, 2014″Let me get a film history one textbook, edition three″ Adam Virnelson / Beacon Correspondent

APRIL 9, 2014The latest addition to the bookshelf of abandoned iniatiativesHolly Kirkman / Cartoonist

MARCH 19, 2014Can you believe that someone almost burned down the Masonic lodge? Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

FEBRUARY 12, 2014Emerson′s newest (beer) garden. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

JANUARY 22, 2014Andy Tiedemann′s Day Off Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

JANUARY 15, 2014Students find a way between the smoking bans on Emerson′s sidewalks and Boston Common. Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

NOVEMBER 20, 2013Emerson finds a worthy successor to fill the Will & Grace set′s glass case (of emotion) Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

NOVEMBER 6, 2013Next up on the ORRB′s schedule Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

OCTOBER 2, 2013Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

APRIL 17, 2013″In this race, there is no finish line. We have to be this strong and this resilient for the rest of our lives.″ Tau Zaman Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

MARCH 27, 2013SGA speech night downgrades from hallway to broom closet Holly Kirkman / Cartoonist

NOVEMBER 14, 2012Celebrating the verdict of Cheerleaders United vs. FEC: “Cheerleaders are people.” Melanie Blanco

OCTOBER 17, 2012After the campaign, Elizabeth Warren and Zach Braff will resume medical hijinks at the Sacred Heart teaching hospital.Malcolm Meyer / Beacon Correspondent

OCTOBER 10, 2012Aramark will finally complete some items in its safety checklist. Malcolm Meyer / Beacon Correspondent

SEPTEMBER 26, 2012The ECPD guard the Walker Building as the intruder threat level is raised from “lavender” to “royal purple.” Courtney Tharp / Beacon Staff