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The strange nature of success

This issue marks my last week at the Beacon. Once I submit my thesis next week I will also experience my last week as an undergraduate student. It’s been a busy three and a half years at Emerson, between studying abroad and internships and housing fiascos. Though hectic, I always told myself that this messiness,...


Let’s agree to be mean

I like to keep lists. On my phone, tucked somewhere between story ideas and grocery lists is a short note simply entitled, POTENTIALLY UNHEALTHY ATTITUDES ABOUT WRITING. It has several entries, some more ridiculous than others, but there is one core tenet: “If you don’t hate yourself by the end of a workshop, you’re not doing...


A Generation of Gentrification

When I transferred to Emerson over two years ago, I was living with my parents in Illinois, totally ignorant to the layout of the city where I would soon live. Instead of visiting, or doing any research whatsoever, I did what any suitably desperate student will do—I found roommates on Facebook. On a sticky July...