The Berkeley Beacon

Saturday, August 19, 2017


New theater company explores Latin American culture

In 2014, Amnesty International USA recorded and investigated human rights abuses in 160 countries and territories worldwide.Faculty member Christina Marín, who teaches courses like Theatre of the Oppressed and Human Rights in Theatre, wanted to direct a play that educates people about human rights violations in Latin America.

Filming the femme fatale: male gaze in 2015's spy films

The only surprising or intriguing thing left is the gaze of the camera upon its subjects and the way it tells the audience to view them—as either objects or people. Women in spy films are traditionally the former.


Q&A: Polly Carl, creative director of ArtsEmerson

Polly Carl, the creative director of ArtsEmerson, was named Person of the Year by the National Theatre Conference (NTC) last month for her/his work in new play development.

What's up with the White Male Legacy Film?

WMLFs are typically a biopic, often named after the man they portray, and are nearly always written, directed by, and starring straight white men.


Silversonic showcase expands to three days, invites alums

The Silversonic music video festival is bigger than ever, expanding to a full three-day extravaganza.

Panel discusses political correctness and comedy culture

Panelists discussed a wide range of topics and people, including racism in stand-up comedy, Bill Maher and Sarah Silverman, the television shows “Fresh Off the Boat” and “Black-ish,” and Emerson alum Norman Lear, ‘44.

The deliberate nostalgia of DIY

Long obsolete formats like vinyl and cassettes live on in the world of DIY music.


Emerson Urban Dance Theatre packs a punch in “POW!”

Underneath the powerful pulse of pop hits playing, the thundering stomp of combat boots, and the crisp clap of tap shoes, the only other noise in the Greene Theater last Saturday night was “YAS WERK!”—the distinct battlecry of dancing superheroes and daunting supervillians.

Alum-directed "Lab Rats" finds love in a lonely place

As two test subjects, Jake and Mika, wait to try an experimental drug, they start to connect with one another. Under the influence, the medicine exposes the characters’ true emotions, and they begin to build an affectionate and authentic relationship.

Q&A: Leah Meyerhoff, director of “I Believe in Unicorns”

Meyerhoff, a Student Academy Award nominee, is the founder of Film Fatales, a collective of women filmmakers from all around the world who get together to mentor each other, collaborate on projects, and build a community.

Where are the women?: Gender inequality in Hollywood

Of the approximately 230 pictures that opened in limited or wide release in 2015, only 25 were directed by women. That's about 11 percent.


Women in Motion hosts summit for female media-makers

The event brought together women working behind the camera and future filmmakers to discuss gender in the industry.

Music criticism and the report card conundrum

When it comes at the cost of more in-depth reviewing, it is hard to not view grading systems as a symptom of the Internet's shorter attention span.


"Spotlight" team visits campus, illuminates injustices

Last Monday night, the Bright Family Screening Room hosted a free advanced showing of "Spotlight" for the Emerson community. The biopic follows a team of four investigative journalists who shined a light on the sexual abuse of minors by the Catholic Church in Boston.


Musical Theatre Society fond of 'Legally Blonde'

“Legally Blonde: The Musical,” based on the popular 2001 movie of the same name, tells the story of a sorority sister who spurns her stereotype. Last weekend, Emerson’s Musical Theatre Society adapted the original Broadway production for the Semel Theater.