The Berkeley Beacon

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pushing Buttons: What#039;s in a game? Education, for starters, should play a part

John Richardson, Beacon columnist

Emerson Stage off-shoot to feature Harold Pinter work

Justin Nako

Trailer Park

Harry Vaughn

Hoffman shines in Kaufman#039;s emotional Synecdoche

Sean Dalal

Beacon columnist Wolk takes on the politics of W.

Jake Wolk, Beacon columnist

Past and Present: Political films with lasting impact

Paddy Shea, Harry Vaughn

Sexy Can I? No, ugly teen movie, you can#039;t

Matthew Leavis

ICA exhibit shows beauty and contradiction

Kate Andrews

Emerson Stage unveils Wilde#039;s satiric Fan

Catherine Viglienzoni

Mirah frolicks all the way to the MFA

Steven Miller

Silverman discusses politics, pubic hair with The Beacon

Andrew Bruss

Religulous loses the faith

Harry Vaughn

Boston home life and comfort: Redefined

Terri Ciccone

Fade fails to enlighten at Emerson#039;s Tufte

Terri Ciccone

Meirrelles stumbles in Blindness

Sean Dalal