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Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Street art exhibit draws misfits, intellectuals, and eccentrics

You know you’ve made it to Fourth Wall’s Street Wall: An Exhibit of Street Art show if the dizzying scent of beer is tickling the hairs inside your nose, and soft whispers about “existential expressionism” cloud your hearing.

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Joseph Freeman blasts off

Though Joseph Freeman’s recent album release keeps an airy tone as his characters “tiger kick” their way through the galaxy, the Emerson comedian’s motivations for the quirky creation comes from an unexpectedly personal and cathartic place.

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Review: Joseph Freeman's The Space EP is intergalactic treat

Loaded with good-natured camp and nostalgia, Joseph Freeman’s The Space EP is a brief but captivating journey through the tropes and traditions of classic science fiction

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Emerson Comedy Workshop pushes some buttons

Emerson Comedy Workshop (ECW) celebrated their 35th anniversary Friday in the Cabaret with a 16-piece sketch show — suggestively and tellingly titled Love is in My Hair — that leaned toward the uproarious and racy.

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Wax on Felt melts hearts with Valentine’s Day show

Those at the Cabaret Tuesday night will remember Valentine's night as one of music and community, as Wax on Felt hosted its annual show Get Felt Up.

Adjusting to the decline of theatrical distribution

We all know how important the digital technology revolution has been for filmmakers and film schools. The challenge for a lot of filmmakers — and a number of different fields at Emerson — will be embracing this change to gain an audience. No matter how good a film is, it doesn’t do much good if you can’t show it off.

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Alumni-run theater company gets In-Yer-Face

The Brown Box Theatre Project produces shows that might be hard to sit through, but that’s the point. The company wants to challenge audiences even if that means churning some stomachs.

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Review: This Means War can't balance rom-com and action tropes

A good romantic comedy is like a well mixed drink. There needs to be just the right amount of romance and comedy, not too much of one ingredient. Adding action can throw off the whole equation and leave to a bitter taste. In This Means War, a simple Gin and Tonic is turned into a frat party punch bowl.



Literary legends talk Good Prose

The audience filling the cinema seats didn’t come for a movie, but for the three tall men who sat in front of the screen, arranged in a mix of turtlenecks and tweed. The literary threads were fitting; Two of the men form the nonfiction world’s dream team, and the third was a former student who had waited 28 years to host their conversation on writing, editing, and what makes literary relationships tick.

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Getting down to business

No one is surprised to hear lyrics on the radio about sex and violence, or a combination of the two. In fact, it’s pretty much expected in modern rap. However, rapper Juma Inniss, a senior marketing communication major, is using his business savvy to spread a different message.

Away we go with the monologue showcase

At the monologue showcase Sunday, eight Emerson comedians gathered to tell their stories. And sometimes, storytelling means pretending to vomit a liter of Diet Sprite onstage.

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EmStage’s spring dance show sews together separate stories

Five dancers stand perfectly aligned at the front of the stage, motionless and silent. Suddenly, they snap their heads to the right, in a rippling fashion. So begins this year’s production of X Dance.

The instrument you play when nobody’s looking

Truly learning how to play an instrument never ends . Don’t hold yourself back from playing piano, bass guitar, or didgeridoo simply because you think there’s a standard you need to meet.

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EBONI jazzes up the Cabaret with Speakeasy event

Fingers snapped, banjos plunked, and an audience of about 15 people gathered around small round tables for a journey back to the 1920s. Emerson’s Black Organization with Natural Interests (EBONI) Speakeasy at the Cabaret brought a taste of African American jazz culture on Thursday night.