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Saturday, August 19, 2017


Professor tackles personal and racial struggles in Sugar

Robbie McCauley has staged a war against an invisible enemy. It lurks in conversations between old friends, at evening galas, and in dining halls. It’s the unspoken misunderstanding, politically incorrect and impolite. With Sugar, her new one-woman show, McCauley has staged a war on silence.


Uncommon Commons

Polly Carl and David Dower have a vision for theater — one that encourages new work and makes it easily-accessible. They’ve decided Emerson is the place to bring that vision to life.

Events: Comedian Geoff Keith

When Geoff Keith isn’t busy signing the body parts of his eager admirers, he laughs for a living. Keith, an up and coming actor and comedian, is coming to Emerson as part of his current cross-country tour.

Show Times: Bright Lights, Visual Storytellers

Photojournalist Rick Macomber was at ground zero on 9/11, the beaches of Normandy for the 50th anniversary of D-Day, and Cambodian refugee camps in the wake of the Khmer Rouge. Now he is bringing those images and their stories to the Bright Family Screening room at the Paramount Center.


Academy Awards move backward amid a changing industry

On Jan. 12, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) announced its decision to require any film trying to qualify for Best Documentary Feature be reviewed by The New York Times or Los Angeles Times. The unofficial “papers of record” have, bewilderingly, become official.

Students learn the art of curation with "profiles of the [dis]connected"

The art occupying two skinny white floors of the Huret and Spector Gallery is the final product of 400-level visual and media arts class, “What is Contemporary Art?”, taught by Joe Ketner. Ketner, who occupies the Foster Chair in Contemporary Art, sought to provide his 18 students with an answer to the provocative question by leading them through the curating process.

Child's voice shines through in Sara Zuckerman's Yuck

Leo Tolstoy begins Anna Karenina with the oft-quoted words: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” The dysfunctional family in Sara Zuckerman’s 79-page Yuck is no exception.

Show times: Area premiere of The Swell Season

Fiction became reality when Glen Hansard and Makéta Irglová fell in love after playing a couple in the Irish musical film Once.

Shakespeare Society blends Bard and Big Easy

The audience roared with delight this past Thursday and Friday night as the Shakespeare Society rocked the Cabaret with their two-night, four-performance tour de force in the Shakespearean Jazz Show.

Holy T&A, Batman!: Sexism in DC New Universe

Sex sells, even in comic books. So when DC Comics announced a reboot, the chances of our favorite female characters, heroes, and villains alike, escaping the restructuring unbludgeoned by the brutal bat of misogyny were slim.

First-time director invigorates cast of Mercutio’s Fool for Love

Watching Neher, a performing arts major, direct a rehearsal of student theater troupe Mercutio’s upcoming Fool For Love, illustrates what it means to “coach” actors. The play driving Neher’s manic energy was originally written by American actor and playwright Sam Shepard, and first performed in 1983 at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco.


Sara Zuckerman on Yuck

Sara Zuckerman’s Yuck is the latest work to be released to be released by Undergraduate Students for Publishing’s Wilde Press.

Ending the worst musical generalization

“What kind of music do you listen to?” It’s the question we hear all the time in get-to-know-you questionnaires, organization ice-breakers, or awkward conversations searching for possible connections.

A Fight to the Clef

After 26 acts submitted, it’s down to five. On the line: a one year recording contract with Emerson College’s student-run record label, Wax on Felt.

Acappellics Anonymous steps up to competition

Acappellics Anonymous, one of Emerson’s two main a cappella performance groups, will be putting their vocal talent to the test against Boston’s best a cappella performers.