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Monday, October 23, 2017

Playing Gay In Hollywood illuminates queer film history

EAGLE sponsors this Bright Lights event, which examines the depiction of gay characters in film from 1930 to 1970.

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Baritones and bologna: Lunch with singing stars

ArtsEmerson presented a unique opportunity for students to have lunch with the baritones of Baritones Unbound.

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Looney tunes

Wax on Felt hosted their annual Halloween show this past Tuesday, Oct. 22.

Girl Talk and the power of sampling music

Music columnist Nina Corcoran discusses the successes of music samples creating new fans.

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Alum Julian Higgins stresses importance of storytelling

Emerson alum Julian Higgins returns to Emerson College to showcase three of his short films.

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Live for the applause: Dragtoberfest 2013 glams up Cabaret

Dragtoberfest provided a colorful show in the Cabaret this past Friday night.

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Emerson Comedy Workshop goes for giggles

Emerson Comedy Workshop provides lot of laughter during their first show of the semester.

Defying Gravity: Cuarón's space flick dazzles

Film columnist Jasper Yeo reviews the new sci-fi film Gravity.

Tuning up: WECB features catchy fall shows

Dillon Riley samples WECB's fall programs.

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Girlie Project stands out with stand-up

Girlie Project hosted a hilarious comedy show in the Cabaret on Thursday, October 3.

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Birds, words, & finding literature in unexpected places

Columnist Blake Campbell discusses the art of field guides.

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Rock on: Wax on Felt hosts annual Battle of the Bands

The annual Battle of the Bands took place Oct. 1 in the Cabaret.

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A sit-down with Emerson alum Graham Wright

The Berkeley Beacon's exclusive Q&A with Emerson alum, and Morton Downey Jr. Movie producer, Graham Wright.

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The Father Of Trash TV

Arts Editor Jason Madanjian reviews Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie.

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Drawn that way

Visual and media arts majors with a concentration in animation talk about their hopes and struggles with classes and the animation field.