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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Producer Richard Arlook screens new film

Bright Lights hosts Emerson alum Richard Arlook, now a producer, to screen his new film Goats.

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Watching The Watchmen: Senior's photo exhibit examines Big Brother

Senior Rebecca Isenhart presented the creative aspect of her honors thesis, a photo installation, this past Monday night.

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Model Behavior: 10 male students strut down runway for Emerson's Next Top Model

Fashion Society Hosts the annual Emerson's Next Top Model.

Why 10-minute songs are better than TV shows

Music columnist Nina Corcoran argues that 10-minute songs are better than single TV show episodes.

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Mixing music with movement in The Body Project

Misha Lambert provided The Mercutio Troupe with her genre fusing theater piece, The Body Project.

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Noteworthy hits the high notes

A capella group Noteworthy gave their first performance of the school year this past Saturday night in the Cabaret.

Laughing with Jeffrey Jay

Transgender Awareness Week provides laughter and learning with trans comedian Jeffrey Jay.

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Doing time with Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox knows her character in Orange is the New Black in a way most actors can only imagine. Unlike her character, Sophia Burset, Cox has never been to an all-women’s high security prison, but she shares a fundamentally similar experience with Sophia: undergoing the transition from male to female.

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ArtsEmerson dances with diversity for Step Afrika!

ArtsEmerson brings diversity with their latest production, Step Afrika!

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Alumni curated festival showcases films shot in retro formats

Emerson alums curate film festival that celebrates the low quality formats in which film can be presented.

Navigating "lost-at-sea" movies

Beacon columnist Jasper Yeo talks about the recent trend of "lost-at-sea" movies such as this year's All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford.

The bard meets the boogeyman

Emerson Shakespeare Society hosted a screening of the 1973 horror film Theater of Blood, starring Vincent Price.

The lost world of horror master Richard Laymon

Columnist Blake Campbell gets in the Halloween spirit as he writes about a long underrated horror writer, Richard Laymon.

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Changing the channel: Panelists praise new media's potential

Members of Emerson's Board of Overseers spoke about the rapid technological changes taking place in the film and tv industry.

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Killin' it: Comedian goes dark in Murder Fantasy

Senior Jamie Loftus performs a 30 minute stand-up routine for her honors thesis.