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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Changing the tune of music criticism

Music columnist Nina Corcoran thinks music critiques have become to laxed lately. And believes reviewers must change.

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Navigating the 'worlds' of storytelling

This past Sunday, the Bright Family Screening Room played home to the 14th Annual College Film Festival.

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Wayans' World

This past Sunday, comedian Marlon Wayans visited Emerson College to dole out advice on showbiz and life in general.

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From lobotomies to the limelight

Tonight, acclaimed documentarian Barbara Kopple screens her latest film, Running From Crazy. The film focuses on the lives of Ernest Hemingway's family members.

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College announces residency with playwright Daniel Beaty

This past Tuesday night, Emerson College announced that Daniel Beaty will be the latest artist-in-residence. Beaty will be with the college for three years on a $350,000 grant.

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Muppets Most Wanted finds what fans are looking for

Jasper Yeo praises the latest Muppet installment "Muppets Most Wanted" over the previous chapter, the much more critically acclaimed "The Muppets."

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If you can't join 'em...

A group of freshmen, led by Dan Goldberg, create their own comedy troupe at Emerson entitled Derbyn and the Drakefish.

The poem as a sonic experience

Literary columnist Blake Campbell offers a case for the importance of not just reading poetry, but hearing it.

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On with the Show

Sophomore Austin Dodge created and hosts his own absurd web series entitled Show.

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Getting vulgar with Bulger: Doc comes to Emerson, accompanied by gangster's former flame

Bright Lights hosted a screening of the new made-for-TV documentary Whitey Bulger: The Making of a Monster.

Why the Oscars' Best Original Song nomination process is a mess

Music columnist Nina Corcoran takes on the flaws of the Academy Awards nomination process for Best Original Song.

The Beacon's Oscar Picks

The Beacon's in-house selections for Oscar gold.

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EBONI examines and educates on misrepresentation

EBONI concludes African-American Heritage Month with an examination of how black people are portrayed in the media.

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Q&A with grad, American Idiot star Mariah MacFarlane

The Berkeley Beacon's Art Editor Jason Madanjian interviews Emerson grad and American Idiot star Mariah MacFarlane.

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Obscure Bard play gets new life

Emerson Shakespeare Society presents the under appreciated Shakespeare play Cymbeline.