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Monday, November 20, 2017

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New on-campus murals engage a creative community

Julia Cseko described her new mural on the bottom floor of Walker Building, which colorfully features the words of Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan, as “a way to share relevant literature without being annoying.” The mural, A Coney Island of the Mind—Marshall McLuhan, was one of three murals to be painted on campus over the past few months.

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'Soulaborations' come to Emerson campus

Senior Amber Layne’s experience with Soul Sessions, a citywide performance series, began in June. Brian Washburn, a fellow dancer in the Boston-based Urbanity Dance Company, asked her to collaborate with him in a hip-hop dance for a Soul Sessions event.

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Traces asks, what would you leave behind?

Traces is a kaleidoscope of various circus and street performance elements that revolve around one central question: if the world were to end tomorrow, what would you leave behind?

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With new campus, Emerson LA film festival expands

For 13 years, Emerson’s Los Angeles program has offered students a chance to show their work at an annual showcase. This year, however, organizers hope to reinvent the film screening experience with the first-ever Emerson LA Film Festival.

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Steven Martin Sings 'Songs Through Time'

Mozart’s 'Don Giovanni' is one of the most performed operas in history, from its 1787 debut to Austrian royalty to Peter Sellars’ racially-charged adaptation. Perhaps its most recent excerpted performance was by Steven Martin, Emerson’s director of off-campus student services.

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Actors Fried and Epstein remain 'endlessly curious'

A question from an Emerson student summed up actor Jonathan Fried’s weeklong residency at the college: “How do you sustain yourself in a career in the theater when so much of what you have to do is a series of brutal indignities?”

Bridging the Gap

Modern filmmaking has been defined by extremes. Today, movies are either self-indulgent, money-grabbing blockbusters, or pretentious, award-baiting art house films.

Doom's Day: Laughs, Love, and Lava

Sometimes the best superhero is actually a supervillain.

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Wandering Wild

Paul Turano was at the site of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts, when the Emerson professor noticed something that would inspire a seven-year long project: a pile of rocks. On the rocks were inspirational quotes and comments inspired by Thoreau’s ideas.

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'How to Make a Nightmare' awakens alum

For some students completing their BFA is a dream come true. For Emerson alum Noah Aust, it’s always been a nightmare.

In Word/Play, actors tell stories verbatim

Twenty-one years ago, two women stepped into ZSpace, an artists’ studio that David Dower founded in San Francisco, and suggested that he stage a production in which actors tell stories verbatim.

The Splendor of Hart Crane's Poetry

Several months ago, I visited the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time. It was a hot day in early summer, and I was sleep-deprived, tired from walking, and a little anxious about the prospect of navigating New York City alone.

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Former metal vocalist joins Emerson LA faculty

Five months ago, Jon Clayden, the former lead vocalist of the metal band Pitchshifter, joined the faculty at Emerson Los Angeles as the director of post-graduate and professional studies. With experience as a professional musician, music manager, career adviser, teacher, and lecturer, he gave the Berkeley Beacon his views on the entertainment and performance industry.

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Under Pressure: Students make short films in the span of 48 hours

From writing the script to scheduling the scenes, framing the shots, and editing it all together, making a short film takes time. But for 180 Emerson student filmmakers last weekend, it took just 48 hours.

In Defense of Music Nerddom

It happened again not too long ago. I was at a friend’s party when, meaning well, she introduced me to her longstanding college group as her “hipster” friend. What a burden.