The Berkeley Beacon

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Students devise 90-minute dance competition

After the five contestants perform their pieces, two will be eliminated by live text message voting.


Heels, glitter, and Sapphira Cristal

At the end of the night sophomore visual and media arts major Darian Carpenter was crowned the winner.


Jimmy’s pomp chameleon comedians

immy’s eclectic team of writers and performers created a kaleidoscopic medley of jokes.


Warlords Productions explores action film

Emerson College’s student-run film production organization Warlords Productions prides itself on creating films in the genres of adventure, horror, crime, and thriller.

El Velador fails to engage

At her best, Ms. Almada paints an uncompromising portrait of the scarred and socially numb psyche of Mexico’s working class men and women who water, cut, sculpt, and maintain the cemetery.


Cambridge’s new art space opens its doors

On Saturday, Oct. 6 the gallery held its grand opening that yielded nearly 300 enthusiasts

Anything you can hear, I can hear better

Living in a city can get exhausting.


A city escape attracts young and old

Galvin blames video games, computers and the parental fear of “stranger danger” for handcuffing 21st century children to their couches.


Experimenting with celluloid

The second annual International Experimental Cinema Exposition demonstrated 12 16mm short films, projected in their original formats.


Harlan Bosmajian talks Backwards

The family-friendly sports drama follows Abigail Brooks, a thirty-year-old rower who has trained for the Olympics her whole life and has learned once again that she did not make the team.


Dear Mandela fights for South Africa

he documentary follows Mazwi, a South African who is the youth leader for Abahladi base Mjondolo, a protest organization formed to fight The Slums Act. Mazwi, along with the documentary’s co-director Dara Kell, took questions from the audience after the viewing.


“Exceptional” EP combines black and white

Onofrio found the stimulus for her sporadic tones and beats in the minimalistic music of Philip Glass, hip hop, and heavy electronic.

Purging through cinema: From Inglourious Basterds to Ilsa

In 2009, Quentin Tarantino’s witty dark humor and stylized bloodbaths in Inglourious Basterds managed to be enjoyable.


Emerson's Ted Cutler thinks Outside the Box

The Outside the Box music and arts festival, a brainchild of Emerson College alum and frequent benefactor Theodore H. Cutler, hopes to join the ranks of the Zoo and Lolla.


ArtsEmerson's 1871 expo

On Thursday night, ArtsEmerson kicked off its third season with investigative theater troupe The Civilians’ world premiere of Paris Commune in the Paramount Center Mainstage.