The Berkeley Beacon

Monday, September 22, 2014


From housewife to ecological activist

The Nashua River — once a technicolor dreamcoat of pollution and human waste — is now a cleaner version of its past, foul form.


EPSJ spotlights North Korea

Emerson Peace and Social Justice (EPSJ) brought the non-profit organization Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) to campus for the fifth time to inform the student body about the nation’s oppressive government through film.


The Cyclops and the one-eyed monsters

According to Blaszko, his production follows tradition for a show that was sexualy charged, even in ancient times.

Why you need to go to a house show

Boston’s music scene gets more vibrant each year.


Evil Mustache Productions develops campaign

Filming took place in upstate New York on a low budget and during monsoon-like weather. Working 18-hour days with a cast and crew of about 52 people, Bernstein took the directors chair, while Bass took an administrative role on set. The system worked, allowing for filming to be completed in 17 days.


ICA and Gardner Museum welcome students

Emerson joined other Boston-area colleges last week when it became a member of both the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.


Emerson student produces parodies

Chamberlain writes, directs, edits, and often stars in his videos, which have gained notice among the Emerson community after his parody of LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy And I Know It.”


Graceland girls choose education

Salvatoriello knew she wanted her master thesis film to be about an important mission. Her drive was there, but she couldn’t seem to pin point a cause.


Decriminals Media Production: From hemp to hip-hop

Decriminals, a student-run hip-hop production company, got its start during the summer of 2011, shooting videos of amateur rappers on Boston Common. The company now made significant inroads in to the hip-hop community by working closely with established urban music blogs and up-and-coming artists from both Boston and out of state.


Emerson Comedy Workshop gets new talent

Throughout the show, two characters kept running into a couple that claimed their superiority by saying, “But we have dogs!”

'Evil’ at the foreign box office

The latest box office reports indicate that the domestic cume, or cumulative audience measuring the total number that unique customers have accrued for Resident Evil: Retribution is of $39 million.


The Banjo Project plucks at the strings

Emerson College’s visual and media arts professor Marc Fields’ documentary, Give Me the Banjo, archives the turbulent yet rich history of the stringed instrument.

Pitch Perfect was plentiful so leave your pretension

The secret no one tells you about art school is that it ruins your sense of perspective.


Students devise 90-minute dance competition

After the five contestants perform their pieces, two will be eliminated by live text message voting.


Heels, glitter, and Sapphira Cristal

At the end of the night sophomore visual and media arts major Darian Carpenter was crowned the winner.