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Sunday, August 28, 2016


Wandering Wild

Paul Turano was at the site of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts, when the Emerson professor noticed something that would inspire a seven-year long project: a pile of rocks. On the rocks were inspirational quotes and comments inspired by Thoreau’s ideas.


'How to Make a Nightmare' awakens alum

For some students completing their BFA is a dream come true. For Emerson alum Noah Aust, it’s always been a nightmare.

In Word/Play, actors tell stories verbatim

Twenty-one years ago, two women stepped into ZSpace, an artists’ studio that David Dower founded in San Francisco, and suggested that he stage a production in which actors tell stories verbatim.

The Splendor of Hart Crane's Poetry

Several months ago, I visited the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time. It was a hot day in early summer, and I was sleep-deprived, tired from walking, and a little anxious about the prospect of navigating New York City alone.


Former metal vocalist joins Emerson LA faculty

Five months ago, Jon Clayden, the former lead vocalist of the metal band Pitchshifter, joined the faculty at Emerson Los Angeles as the director of post-graduate and professional studies. With experience as a professional musician, music manager, career adviser, teacher, and lecturer, he gave the Berkeley Beacon his views on the entertainment and performance industry.


Under Pressure: Students make short films in the span of 48 hours

From writing the script to scheduling the scenes, framing the shots, and editing it all together, making a short film takes time. But for 180 Emerson student filmmakers last weekend, it took just 48 hours.

In Defense of Music Nerddom

It happened again not too long ago. I was at a friend’s party when, meaning well, she introduced me to her longstanding college group as her “hipster” friend. What a burden.


Documentary "On the Move" asks, what connects America?

Spending 47 days in a cramped Saab with no working radio doesn’t sound like a recipe for success, but for Emerson filmmakers Christian Bergren-Aragon, Michael Thorpe, Brendan Scully, and Courtland Noble, it was the best summer of their lives. The four traveled across the Southwest, West Coast, Midwest, and Southeast regions of the United States for their documentary, On The Move.


Watsky's new 'album scrapbook' is packed with nostalgia

Rapper and spoken word poet George Watsky calls his new record, All You Can Do, an “album scrapbook” of sorts. The cover art features a grainy, black-and-white photo of his father, poet Paul Watsky, donning oversized vintage eyeglasses, a leather jacket, and long, hippie-style hair.


Thunderstorm puts a damper on Boston Calling Festival

After nearly six hours of receiving repeated warnings to stay hydrated in Saturday’s 97 degree weather, the crowds at Boston Calling were instructed to evacuate City Hall Plaza to avoid an unwanted type of hydration: an incoming thunderstorm.


In new memoir, alum embraces the 'Gay Within'

To Jon Derek Croteau’s father, Emerson was “‘the land of ‘fairies, freaks, and misfits with purple hair,”’ a place [Jon Derek] was to avoid at all costs.” To Croteau, the college was a place to call home—a place where, after years of living in the closet, he began his journey of self-acceptance, which he wrote about in his upcoming memoir, My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within.


Networking is the "muscle of the industry" for production assistants

Lenny Alcid practiced unwrapping the plastic on ten brand-new decks of cards before turning to his boss for approval, nervous to hear whether his attempt at a perfect crescent cut was up to the standard of magician David Blaine.

Professor John Skoyles Releases New Book

Professor John Skoyles releases a semi-autobiographical novel and shares writing advice

Mixtapes: the best 'Thank You'

Music columnist Nina Corcoran's final piece offers a message of the gift that keeps on giving: mixtapes.


Rafael Yglesias: wading through a 'sea of regrets'

“My parents died believing they had failed,” Yglesias said in a speech during an event hosted by the Bright Lights series last Thursday night. Yglesias was awarded the 2014 Semel Chair in Screenwriting and is a temporary professor of an advanced screenwriting workshop at Emerson.