Student show AMPED! will cover Boston music scene

by Jason Madanjian / Beacon Staff • February 7, 2013

Zack Filcoff in the sound studio.
courtesy of Zack Filcoff
Zack Filcoff in the sound studio.
courtesy of Zack Filcoff

Three Emerson students are looking to turn up the volume with a new television show on the Emerson Channel called AMPED!. It aims to be a music series that focuses on new albums, shows around Boston, and live performances. 

AMPED! will film the  first of four episodes on Feb. 25, with the show debuting on the Emerson Channel sometime before spring break. The four episodes will air in a roughly biweekly schedule. Emerson Independant Video is funding the show and has given $150 to the production.

Zack Filcoff, a sophomore visual and media arts major, came up with the idea for the show after working on several Emerson Channel productions last year. 

Filcoff, along with sophomore visual and media arts major Juliet Bournigal, wanted a show that would encompass many bands in a variety of different genres.

“We want students to connect to the music.” said Bournigal. “Some people at Emerson like hip hop and some like indie, but we wanted a place where we could connect all genres.” 

Sophomore marketing communation major Ally Bernstein will serve as host for the upcoming show. One segment featured in the program will have Bernstein conduct a sit-down interview with music bloggers. Together, they will chat about upcoming albums and new singles. 

The show will take the form of a mini-documentary, as AMPED!’s crew goes behind the scenes at a concert, interviewing the band and capturing footage from the concert.

“This is something our audience would not get to see unless they have a ticket to the show,” said Filcoff. 

Other parts of the production will display music videos of atypical acts. Think more Frank Ocean than Britney Spears.

“We want music that people are interested in,” said Filcoff. “Stuff not covered by VH1.” 

Expected sections in the program include writers for music blogs discussing new albums and bands on tour as well as videos featuring unique performances. The show’s creative team also strives to feature an exploration of the local music scene, including Boston record stores and jazz festivals. 

According to Bournigal, starting a television show is not easy.

“The hardest part is figuring out the logistics like budgeting, finding the right directors, and the right crew,” said Bournigal. “Basically, making the full package.” 

In the meantime, they will undating AMPED! blog at, which will also feature bonus content that will not be found in the show’s episodes.