Wax on Felt fuses with the tube

by Loretta Donelan / Beacon Correspondent • September 20, 2012

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Performers sang songs from television shows and films.
Performers sang songs from television shows and films.

Held in the Cabaret on Tuesday night, the Wax on Felt exhibition provided a lively pageant for performers and the audience. Open to all Emerson students, the musicians were encouraged to choose melodies from movies and TV shows. Songs ranging from The Office jingle to “Stu’s Song” of The Hangover echoed throughout the basement of the Little Building. 

“How many of you have ever been to a concert before?” yelled the night’s host, Hailey Rowe a senior visual and media arts major and president of Wax on Felt. At the crowd’s raised hands of confirmation, she demanded they get out of their seats and and dance to the tunes immortalized by television and the big screen. 

The event was one of many shows that Emerson’s only student-run record label, puts on annually. 

“They’re a lot of fun for us,” said Rowe. 

Rowe is optimistic that the label will continue to be successful, with an influx of new members, many of whom are freshmen.

Rowe’s band Soup Nazis graced the audience with a medley of TV showsongs, beginning appropriately enough with the Seinfeld anthem. Stepping away from the night’s theme, Soup Nazis played a spirited take on the Proclaimers’ infectious “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” as the audience sang along. 

Freshman journalism major Charlie Greenwald entertained the audience with his humorous song choices and delivery. Greenwald sang “Dracula’s Lament” from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

“Die! Die! Die! ... I can’t,” he sang, while the audience roared with laughter at his campy Dracula impersonation.

In one of the evening’s last performances, freshman Sarah Alli performed “Falling Slowly,” from the movie musical Once

“This song means a lot to me,” she said prefacing her performance.

The audience sang along and cheered loudly after her quietly emotional performance.

Though only four acts were scheduled, many singers volunteered to perform impromptu. One of these acts included a rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Jackson” by Rowe and senior marketing communication major Sydney Manning. The duo read the lyrics off of a laptop, laughing as they made mistakes.

Wax on Felt is responsible for signing artists to their label. The members work with the musicians on marketing, promotions, artistic development, booking, recording, and album distribution. Last year, two new bands were added to their label. Rowe is optimistic that the coming year will bring more entertainers under their care. Rowe says Wax on Felt plans on signing three new musical acts this year.