Spring break alternative at the Brattle

by Beacon Staff • March 5, 2008

Andrew Bujalski knows that if you want your own program at the Brattle, you better show your Boston pride. After earning his Beantown cred with a degree from Harvard, and setting his candid little post-collegiate gem Funny Ha Ha in the depths of the student ghettos of Boston, the indie filmmaker is acting as cinematic curator March 14 through 19.

Now that the director/screenwriter/actor is waving goodbye to his home and heading to Austin, Texas, the Brattle is screening his.

The highlight of the package is a mesmerizing triple feature starting at 4:30 on Saturday, March 15 for cinephiles who have a balanced combination of intellect and patience: Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, Chris Marker's French short La Jeteeacute; and Terry Gillaim's 12 Monkeys.