The Berkeley Beacon is Emerson College’s independent, student-run newspaper. Founded in 1947, the weekly publishes in print on Thursdays each fall and spring semester and online daily. The paper is a chronicle of life at Emerson — covering student government politics, campus performances, and school-wide trends.

In recent years, the paper’s reporting has revealed racial biases in the college’s tenure practices, performance space struggles for student groups, and food code violations in the campus dining facilities.

In 2011, the paper took strides in increasing its online presence by launching the first college newspaper website with a responsive design, following The Boston Globe’s release of BostonGlobe.com, the world’s first HTML5, responsive-designed newspaper site.

In 2018, the Beacon again reinvented itself a larger focus on daily journalism and uploading articles every day coinciding with the launch of a new website.

Current Masthead:

Editor-in-Chief: Shafaq Patel

Advisor: Douglas Struck

Copy Managing Editor: Kyle Labe

Visual Managing Editor: Monika Davis

News Editor: Riane Roldan

Deputy Enterprise Editor: Maya Gacina

Deputy Express Editor: Chris Van Buskirk

Assistant Enterprise Editor: Stefania Lugli

Assistant Express Editor: Andrew Stanton

Living Arts Editor: Caroline Broderick

Deputy Arts Editor: Annika Hom

Deputy Lifestyle Editor: Grace Griffin

Assistant Lifestyle Editor: Ian Sloan

Sports Editor: Kyle Bray

Deputy Sports Editor: Aaron Miller

Assistant Sports Editor: Anissa Gardizy

Opinion Editor: Hannah Ebanks

Deputy Opinion Editor: Katie Schmidt

Assistant Opinion Editor: Diti Kohli

Photo Editor: Erin Nolan

Deputy Photo Editor: Cullen Granzen

Assistant Photo Editor: Abigail Noyes

Chief Copy Editor: McKinley Ebert

Social Media Manager: Ally Rzesa

Web Producer: Dylan Rossiter

Podcast Producer: Maximiliano Reyes

Video Production Manager: Jordan Kushnick

Express Reporter: Stephanie Purifoy

News Staff Reporters: Belen Dumont

Living Arts Staff Reporters: Cassandre Coyer, Lilly Milman

Copy Editors: Olivia Carey, Carissa Dunlap, Kamryn Leoncavallo, Victor Morrison,

Malcom Zelaya

Social Media Curator: Allison Hagan

Podcast Assistant: Gabriella Mrozowski