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Students head to Iowa, NH for elections

Last weekend, 19 students flew to Ames, Iowa, to get a firsthand look at the campaign trails of various candidates and witness Monday’s caucus, in which Ted Cruz beat stiff Republican competition while Hillary Clinton edged out a narrow victory over Bernie Sanders.

Cement walls fostering a community

Flashing lights illuminate a pale cinder block wall, and in between bursts, Austin Max takes the stage and plucks the opening chord to his song “Will You Be Mine.”

Folksy duo Cheese Boys are a Gouda time

They described their music as a mixed bag, with shreds of folk, pop, alternative, queercore—an LGBTQ offshoot of punk—and cheesiness all intermingled.

They say they want a revolution

Let your voice be heard, and push our government toward the laws that we desperately need.

Alumnus screens slasher satire The Final Girls

The film’s genre is difficult to define, with Todd Strauss-Schulson naming Back to the Future, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, and even Terms of Endearment as influences.

Alum creates second successful T-shirt campaign

Giving praise toward Emerson College might just land your face on a satirical screen-printed T-shirt of the school crest. At least, it did for Donald Trump.


Journalism classes to produce content for WERS
WERS, Emerson’s student radio station, is preparing to air audio packages produced by journalism students last fall, and will collaborate with more classes this semester.


New EIV program parodies avant-garde diehards
It consists of a long series of short skits, each a satirical take on experimental media. Lots of nudity, lots of violence, and lots of surprises.


Breach of safety speaks volumes
While Emerson College has trouble keeping strangers out, they are excellent at stopping students from getting in.


Emerson student pens prose from Paris
For Andrew Grant, his trip to the catacombs of Paris was not something he could forget.


Psychologist gives student-athletes a new perspective
Nationally recognized sport psychologist Dr. Joel Fish spoke to Emerson student-athletes, coaches, and administrators last week about the mental difficulties of competition and how to succeed under pressure.