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Kevin Bright extends contract two years

Founder and director of the Emerson Los Angeles program Kevin Bright has extended his contract through the summer of 2017.

The pros and cons of the interim administrator

Interim administration at Emerson nearly quadrupled from 2011-2013, but Vice President of Academic Affairs Michaele Whelan said this hasn’t stunted the college’s progress.

When bands break up and break your heart

Favorite groups seep into all kinds of corners of life and are integrated into your identity. When they split up, it can be just as difficult for you to say goodbye.

Lady business: Female friendship deserves mainstream focus

It’s a shame that it’s so hard to just turn on TV or open a magazine and see women appreciating one another.

Elma Lewis director candidate and Emerson alum visits campus

A second candidate for the Elma Lewis Center Executive Director position held an open forum presentation where she discussed her prior experience and her focus on civic engagement.

LA adjuncts organize union

Part­-t​ime faculty of Emerson’s Los Angeles center have written to President M. Lee Pelton announcing their intent to join the Affiliated Faculty of Emerson College (AFEC), a union that currently serves the school’s part-­​time faculty in Boston.


Undergraduate admissions director greets community
Emerson faculty and staff gathered last Friday for a meet-and-greet in the Little Building’s Beard Room with newly-hired Director of Undergraduate Admission Michael Lynch.


Inside Joke welcomes all in stand-up show
Around 20 student comedians took to the stage to perform their sets under bright lights for a lively Emerson audience. Mics dropped on topics ranging from The Gap to allergic reactions to Eggs Benedict, and styles varied, with some recounting vivid stories and others opting for deadpan one-liners.


Knee injuries take toll on men’s soccer team’s season
Since before the regular season began in early September, Emerson men’s soccer coach Javier Mejia has not had a full squad. Injuries have piled up, and at one point this year, the team was missing six starters.