Dogtor Rudy bids college ‘ruff’ goodbye

Rudy, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel used by Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services, has left the college on maternity leave.

But it’s not for him.

Rudy is owned by ECAPS Clinical Social Worker and Substance Abuse Counselor Annelle Kallman, who left for maternity leave on Feb. 22.

Elise Harrison, director of counseling and psychological services, said Rudy and Kallman will return to ECAPS for the fall 2018 semester. Until then, the department will not offer counseling sessions with a therapy dog to students.

“In order for us to have a therapy dog, there must be a certified handler, and no one else is certified [besides Kallman],” Harrison said.

According to Harrison, ECAPS will still bring therapy dogs for students to relax with at their Cirque de De-Stress events before finals in April.

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